Sun Petro has diversified in the upstream hydrocarbon business through Sun Oil & Natural Gas (SONG) to contribute to the energy security of our nation by exploiting conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon resources through committed efforts ensuring safe and sustained growth.

SONG has a pool of multidisciplinary experts having rich and varied experience in onshore and offshore exploration, development and production operations.

SONG develops hydrocarbon discoveries as well as staying invested in producing assets by value addition both in the domestic and the international arena. The company also enters into joint venture agreement with other strategic partners for participating in bidding of exploration and production assets. We believe our industry expertise and capacity for value addition makes us the ideal partner of choice.

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The company aims to establish a presence in E & P industry and become a global leader in integrated energy business with focus on followings:

  • Steady growth.
  • Creating excellence of E&P knowledge pool.
  • Achieving a significant position in energy sector.
  • Ensuring efficient operations.
  • Focusing on domestic & international business opportunities.
  • Providing value linkages in all types of energy business.
  • Unwavering commitment to best HSE practices (Health, Safety, and Environment).
  • Committed to socio-economic development in the area of operations.
  • Agile working culture, high business ethics and mutual trust.


  • Advantage of immediate “feet on ground” globally.
  • Highly experienced techno-commercial team with excellent professional network.
  • Substantial exposure to data & resources.
  • Privately owned with strong financial support.


SONG is committed to sustainable production from all it’s owned as well as JV assets by exploiting latest available technologies.

With a total of more than 200 years of industry experience having multidisciplinary exposure, the team at SONG can identify and anticipate the likely risks and proactively implement the mitigation plan.

  • Operations (Exploration, Development & Production for conventional / unconventional oil / gas fields) and Services across the entire hydrocarbon chain from reservoir to custody transfer on its own or through Joint Ventures.
  • Providing all type of services required for exploration and exploitation (concept to commissioning) of hydrocarbon.
  • Adoption of new & innovative technologies for exploration and exploitation of conventional & unconventional fields in onshore & offshore.
  • Offering / Licensing-in exclusive rights of intellectual properties in energy sector.