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Our People & Culture

Empowering our people is the key to success at Sun Petrochemicals. We prioritise developing and grooming young talent through hands-on experience and continuous learning. Our senior leaders are industry experts who inspire and guide our team to embody Sun Petrochemicals’ core values of innovation, integrity, passion for growth and nurturing culture. This fosters an open, transparent, and growth-oriented environment.

Life at SunPetro

At Sun Petrochemicals, the management team places a strong emphasis on the role of its employees in driving the company’s growth. They believe in fostering a learning culture by providing opportunities for young professionals to develop their skills on the job and recognising their contributions through appropriate rewards. The company’s core values of innovation, integrity, and passion for growth are reflected in its open, transparent, and learning-driven culture.

SunPetro’s management structure is designed to be SMART, with multi-talented teams working together to achieve company goals. The company also encourages the development of future managers by empowering young professionals with greater responsibilities. Sun Petrochemicals is dedicated to providing its employees with the best possible work environment and resources, with human resource practices that are in line with industry standards and focus on employee well-being.

Employee Benefits

Sun Petrochemicals places a high priority on employee engagement, with initiatives aimed at promoting social and cultural activities for its employees. The management is committed to creating equal employment opportunities for all employees, with a goal of hiring 33% of its total workforce as female employees. Regardless of gender, the company hires the best talent for the job.

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