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Bhaskar III

Bhaskar-III (GK/OSDSF/GK28/2021) is a discovered field in shallow water offshore, located 50 kms west of Okha city in Gujarat in Kutch basin, having clusters of multiple small discoveries in Tertiary and Mesozoic reservoirs. The Kutch basin is a Category -II basin, which has not yet started any commercial hydrocarbon production. This field will be the first to have commercial hydrocarbon production and will also upgrade this basin to category-I basin. The field is spread over an area of about 1,456 sq. km.

This field was awarded to SunPetro under DSF-III bid round with 100% participating interest in the year 2022. The contract area is a single area with eleven Tertiary discoveries and three Mesozoic discoveries (below Basalt). A major part of the field area is covered with 2D and 3D seismic data.

SunPetro is currently analysing all available data for the preparation of a robust development plan. data for planning the development of this very challenging field.