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Prabhakar II

The exploratory block CB-OSHP-2021/3, renamed as Prabhakar-II, was awarded to SunPetro with 100% participating interest under OALP VII bid round in the year 2022 after it turned out as successful bidder in the OALP-VII bid round of government of India for the award of exploratory blocks under HELP bid round.

This exploratory block is located south of Cambay town in Cambay Basin and contiguous to Prabhakar-I towards South, and has an area of around 362 sq. km. The block falls in transition, ultra-shallow-water and shallow-water area. The block has got very limited G & G data in the form of sparse vintage 2D seismic data with no drilled wells data.

SunPetro as a RPO has already completed Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry survey (FTG) covering the entire exploratory area and currently carrying 3D seismic surveys in logistically very difficult and challenging areas in shallow water Gulf area and transition zone area having very high currents and tides.