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The Baola field is situated about 36 km southwest of Ahmedabad city in Gujarat. It was discovered by ONGC in 1971 as a gas field but not put on production due to its uneconomical quantity of production. The field was awarded to M/s Interlink Petroleum Limited (IPL) under Small and marginal field bid round in 1994. The total field area is 4 sq. km.

Baola structure is a doubly plunging anticline having NW-SE axis with Kalol formation of Middle Eocene age as the reservoir rock, yielding heavy oil. It is on the western rising flank of Ahmedabad-Mehsana tectonic block of Cambay Basin.

M/s IPL produced gas from the field for about two years and then carried out further G & G data acquisition in the form of 3D API and drilled one appraisal cum exploratory well. The well indicated presence of heavy oil of the API gravity 12.8 degree. M/s IPL applied all possible conventional heavy oil production techniques for oil production without any success.

SunPetro acquired 100% participating interest in the Baola field from Interlink Petroleum Limited (IPL) in 2016. SunPetro has screened many world-wide available new technologies to produce heavy oil from the Baola field. SunPetro, finally selected and implemented Ukrainian Multistage Physico Chemical treatment (MPCT) Technology, which has resulted in the start of oil production from the field. In addition, SunPetro has also drilled three more development wells and put them on production. With the implementation of many more innovative techniques by SunPetro, the field is currently producing about 120 bopd from three wells.

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