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Bhaskar field, located about 60 km west of the Anand city in Cambay basin of Gujarat. The field is developed as an integrated field for production of crude oil from six independent oil pools discovered in the exploratory block CB-ONN-2003/1.

After an extensive exploration of the block awarded in 2005, Reliance Industries Limited (‘RIL’) has made seven potential commercial oil discoveries in six independent pools from Miocene Basal sand (MBS) units. At the end of the exploration phase, a major part of the exploration area was surrendered as per contract terms retaining only the discovery area.

SunPetro acquired the field from the previous Operator RIL in the year 2018. After taking over the field, SunPetro immediately started development activities to put the field on production with Early production System (EPS). SunPetro started commercial production from the field in less than a year, in July 2019, with two EPS.

SunPetro continued development activities on a fast-track basis despite nationwide lockdown during Covid pandemic period. SunPetro completed the Field Development Plan (‘FDP’) approved activities much earlier than the schedule mentioned in the FDP. A total of ten new development wells were drilled and put on production, initially through EPSs and then through Central Processing Facilities (‘CPF’) when it was commissioned. With judicious planning and optimising the development well planning the production potential of all the new wells have come much better than what was envisaged in the approved Field Development plan. SunPetro has also laid a about 60 km long, 10” pipeline for transporting crude from Bhaskar directly to Indian Oil Company’s (‘IOC’s) facilities at Bareja. At present, the Bhaskar field is producing around 6000 bopd with a production potential to produce around 7500 bopd.

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